Electronic World – Expanding Technology is Shrinking the Globe

Story after news story is focused on new technology and how it impacts the world today. The new developments in technology affect every field of business and recreation and they are not just steadily growing–the development of new technological advances is growing at an exponential rate. Some people grumble about the new electronics gadgets and wish for a less complicated society, while others take the opposite approached and criticize those who are not willing to jump on the bandwagon of new products. In truth, the best philosophy is somewhere in between. The new products that make life easier, that save lives, that aid in preventing war or that make better utilization of the earth’s resources are positive. Products which take lives, increase hostility or warfare, or waste resources are to be shunned. Probably the vast majority of new electronics products fall somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum of usefulness.

One way in which technology is shrinking the world is in the field of business. Today, even a small home business with access to the internet can market to literally billions of people around the globe. In years past, establishing a market in another city was difficult. Companies large enough to expand their markets often had salespeople driving a route or territory. A regional office might be added or if the company grew even larger, the establishment of an international office might be considered. This required recruiting people in the opening areas and bringing them to headquarters periodically to train. Alternatively, home office personnel might be moved overseas for a time to supervise the establishment and training of new offices or plants.

Today, much of the marketing for products is done over the internet. Many businesses are eliminating the retail outlet and selling directly to customers from an online shopping cart. Even very specialized niche market entrepreneurs can make a living because so many more people can be reached. Shoppers no longer have to make a major excursion to a large urban area in order to obtain the best prices for a hard to find item. Chances are excellent that it can be located on the internet, ordered through a secure site and paid for electronically 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Questions about the products can often be resolved through a customer service live chat feature found on many web sites.

One other area of note in the field of electronic technology and its capacity to shrink the world is the use of cell or mobile phones by millions of people worldwide. Within 50 years, telephone usage has gone from party lines where call connections were made by an operator plugging wires into a switchboard to teenagers listening to music, sending pictures and chatting both with text messages and endless conversations on color coordinated hand held cell phones. Cell phones can bring in FM stations, play songs to announce which friend is calling and provide hours of entertainment through games and puzzles.

A Short Article on Technology

The world has undergone enormous changes over the past decade. We now live in a world where communication is paramount. It seems that everyone and everything is connected in some way.

For school students this has made things much more efficient. Research papers that used to involve hours of laborious effort, can now be researched and documented without ever touching a card catalog or a periodical index. Worlds of information are now available at the click of a mouse.

Questions that people pondered without any answer previously can now simply be typed into any convenient search engine and answered almost immediately. There are countless sites filled with informative short articles all over the Internet. Videos and music can now be seen on demand and news from across the world can be delivered in an instant.

There are some people who worry that the technological revolution and evolution we are experiencing today is moving too fast. There seems to be a loss of privacy in some respects and the specter of a Big Brother society looms larger than it has since 1984. Whether their fears are well founded or not will remain to be seen, but it is unlikely that people will ever willingly give up the almost instant connections to our wired world.

Flying in the face of these fears are individuals who share their worlds through their blogs. What used to be shared with only close friends is now put online for millions of people to see if they should happen upon the blogger’s website. Individuals are learning to take advantage of this by using their well placed blogs to sell products and services. The internet has allowed individuals an opportunity to step on to the same playing field as the big boys of business. With the right information and the ability to get it seen, anyone can now reach the masses and share their thoughts, feelings and even sales pitches.

Businesses as well as individuals have come to rely on the Internet as a source of advertising and actual sales. Entire business models have been constructed and thriving based solely on using Internet websites. It is rare today to find a traditional brick and mortar establishment that does not have some type of online presence. Any business that does not adapt and grow to keep up with the newest technology seriously risks being left behind in the wake of their competitors who choose to ride technology’s leading edge.

Time will tell where this all will lead. We should make the most of the positive possibilities technology promises, but we should also keep a careful watch on where we are going.

It’s a Small World – Satellite Technology

The most recent advances in satellite and fiber optic technology bring our amazing world to us without having to leave the comforts of home. Digital satellite television providers have mastered the science and have the capabilities to transmit international programming signals to and from all locations on our earth. From its inception, immediately after the Cold War period, television and satellite technology has advanced from black and white imagery to intense high definition crystal-clear pictures with sound clarity that is equally as exceptional and now brings viewers live broadcasts from around the world in real time. This enables peoples to learn about foreign cultures as well as stay in touch with native lands and be in the know as far as relevant news events develop. From India to the United States, Greece, China, Iran, and Russia – satellite technology provides the best in television and audio programming. News, sports, and family programming are available, including arts and languages, cuisine, fashion, music, drama series, current events, and children’s shows, at the touch of a fingertip. Experience life in other cultures and feel the excitement of knowing how others live in our world. International programming packages are provided in many different languages providing diversity at its best.

India offers programming in Urdu and Hindi with the best of Bollywood movies, news, family programming, and sports. Iran offers Farsi with excellent news, sports, and family channels. Tapesh offers movies, dramas, and sports 24 hours a day with arts, documentaries and classic films also being provided. China’s programming includes a variety of channels in Mandarin Chinese in addition to a channel called Videoland that features current events and news, entertainment, and children’s shows. One package includes live coverage from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian cities and includes the latest in news and sports as well as music and children’s shows and movies. Specialty packages of international sports, including World Cup Cricket from India, Pakistan, and Africa, are available for enthusiasts to experience the wide world of sports entertainment. Broaden your horizons the easy and cheap way – digital satellite international programming. It is easy with specially designed packages of programming delivering the best each country, culture and language has to offer. Get live broadcasts as well as radio channels for round the clock entertainment.

There is actually life outside the confines of your home, and satellite and fiber optic technology bring it to you in style. You are in for a real treat with offers of diverse and sophisticated channels. As the technology advances, the spectrum of channels continue to expand – taking viewers to more exciting and exotic locations around the world. Choose your location and get ready for a trip around the world – sit back and enjoy!